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Unless you didn’t notice, podcasts are a thing. You can conveniently listen to them while you’re driving or cooking dinner, keep yourself educated and follow niche topics of interest.

I’ll admit, I couldn’t get into it for ages – back in 2015, my London-based brother was all like “it’s the next big thing”, he would listen on the train on the way to work. But apparently downloading the app (I use the generic Apple iPhone app called simply “Podcasts”) and browsing around doesn’t work out so well.
The truth is, podcasts are like radio shows, but on very specific topics, and so can be VERY DULL if it’s a topic you’re not super interested in. And let’s be real, our attention spans are terrible; I will confess, I’m one of those people who look at my phone while I’m watching a Netflix series. #DualScreenGen

But once you find the right podcast for you, it’s so exciting for the imagination, and it gives your eyes a break from screentime. The real game-changer for me was the podcast “No Such Thing As A Fish”, which is basically four British nerds talking humourously about bizarre, fun facts. #CueThePuns (

I’ve been tracking for South African produced podcasts over the past few months, as I find that the more regionally relevant the content is, the more interesting it is to me. For someone in the media and marketing industry, it’s cool to hear about South African trends, be them digital or food related – which are always changing and worth discussing at length! Our schedules are as busy as ever, so bringing the “braai” chats to our phones, to listen to when is convenient, is pretty nifty.

Chef Who

The first local podcast I bumped into was “Chef Who”, where private chef Megan Swan interviews local foodies. As someone who’s worked in restaurant public relations and has a little insight into our chef politics (do you even know Liam Tomlin though?), I was interested in hearing more.

Guests include local Instagram god Seth Shezi, Chef Ash Heeger of the sexy The Final Table Netflix series and Jenna Bruwer of the much-loved Springfield wines. I love how Megan has a good sense of humour – she makes her guests drink tequila shots before each show and asks controversial questions.

Link: Chef Who


Next up was YoMzansi Tech Talk, because it turns out I’m a real tech nerd (read: Kara Swisher of podcast show Recode Decode is basically my new hero! (

I’m generally a huge fan of the Yomzansi twins, because they are #goals when it comes to whipping up original creative content overnight for their blog, agency and numerous social media platforms. What’s really cool about this podcast is that they talk about local tech trends which are literally happening in real time. Example of topics include the safety concerns re Bolt (old Taxify), choosing the right influencer for the right brand campaign (local celebs were caught Tweeting from iPhone for another cellphone brand – ouch!) and they compare streaming shows like Showmax with Netflix with DStv.

Link: Yo Mzansi Tech Talk


This podcast focuses on entrepreneur stories and, having a start-up company myself, is fast becoming one of my favourites. The self-titled “empowerment platform” is for the “game changers, opportunity seekers, future shapers” and the infectious optimism from host Mashudu Modau makes it a fun, but educational, listen.
They’re currently involved in a campaign with Yoco called #StartUp, which works to highlight local entrepreneurs. Just considering our terrifying unemployment stats in SA, I don’t need to emphasise the importance of shared knowledge regarding starting and running an SME, so kudos to MASHSTARTUP.
Their one episode titled “Unemployed, Pretending To Be An Entrepreneur” is particularly entertaining!

Link: Mash Startup

A few other podcasts that have come up in my research are Mark Lives Only Connect, which focuses on the importance of “data” (;

Rooi Rose rrRADIO, the “first free Afrikaans women’s-interest podcast channel” (;

the Orms photography podcast (; and radio celebrity Elana Afrika-Bredenkamps’s podcast,

The Baby Brunch Parenting Series, which was recently named the third most popular podcast in SA (

Happy listening!

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