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Sheree Forbay

Walt Disney once said that "Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world."

With the growth of animation in the past 20 years and the ability to tell such visual stories he had it right.

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Continuing with our Art Tuesday theme we would like to introduce you to Sheree Forbay – friend, animator and explainer video specialist:

Your work in 3 words:

Creative. Fun. Informative.

Name 3 artists on your mind right now:

Kei Maguro. Adam Ellis. Ronel De Jager.

Where’s your studio?

I work from home. Linden, Johannesburg.

Who or what keeps you going?

The fact that I have bills to pay… Lol
No. Being creative is what really fuels me. Creating is what makes me happy.

How did this body of work evolve?

I started in a totally different field. I started in Sound Engineering, and when that kind of dried up (Durban wasn’t exactly burgeoning with opportunity back then, although it’s changed now, ) I changed course and studied animation in Cape Town. So I did 3D animation for a while, but I found that 2D was where my heart lies so when I moved up to Joburg, I changed to 2D, and what I do now also helps me get to teach or train others.

What’s your favourite work so far in your career?

It so happens that 2 of my favourite pieces were not used due to budget constraints (Sad Face).

First piece of art that moved you? Describe that feeling:

I can’t remember the first piece that moved me, but the feeling you get when there is a piece that moves you is indescribable. I’ve had art make me incredibly sad, and heartbroken or warm and comforted. For no good reason, you feel pulled in a certain direction. It’s an amazing experience if you are moved by art.

Tell us something we don’t know?

I am an avid reader and hope to someday write a book. Even if it’s just for me. A psychological thriller.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve bought on the internet recently?

I’m not sure about weird but I bought both my wedding dress and shoes online. The dress came from China. Lots of people thought I was crazy, but it worked out great.

What was the last gallery show that you saw?

The last Exhibition I went to was a Black and White photography expo in Melville.

Who is underrated?

This is a difficult question. Off the top of my head I’ve always said Stanley Tucci is underrated. He deserves leading roles.

What is underrated?

Being real. I feel like no one wants to be themselves anymore. In an age where we are bombarded with social media “perfection” being your true self is so underrated. It’s liberating.

What shocks you?

Racism. It shocks me to my core that people are racist. Especially young people. You grew up in a liberated South Africa. I think what shocks me is that it’s learnt behavior. Someone has taught you that people of other races are beneath you. It goes back to the previous question. Make up your own mind about things. You don’t have to believe what others tell you.

Favourite artist of all time?

There are so many in so many different art forms.

Music artist – I think Freddy Mercury. No one will ever be that fabulous ever.
Illustrator – Probably Christoph Niemann
Not sure about fine art

I want to buy you a drink, what do you want?

Irish whiskey with ice and water.

What’s the next art in the world?

Mixed media. I think art that incorporates technology in new ways is going to break through some boundaries and I think we’re going to see some awesome stuff in the future.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Wow. I think creating animations from Karabo Poppy’s illustrations would be amazing.

3 dream diner party guests?

Dead or alive? The fabulous Freddy Mercury, Tracee Ellis Ross (She’s hilarious and I want to be her friend) & Anthony Kiedis who has had the most interesting life.

What’s the one piece of advice you never took?

Start saving from the moment you start working. I know it sounds awful and awfully boring, but wow, I should’ve listened. Especially as a creative, you don’t get RA’s and pension funds set up for.

Music to work to?

Mayor Hawthorne, Tom Misch. Something a bit funky to keep my mood up.

If you would like to see more of Sheree’s work, contact her or just support a South African artist – do check out her social media:

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