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Remi Abrahams

Remi Abrahams

George Bernard Shaw once said that "without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable" and I tend to agree.

Can you imagine this world? Thankfully this doesn't exist and we get to explore the incredible art scene locally and internationally.

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Welcome to our first ever “Art Tuesday”, which will become a series of spotlights on some of our favourite artists. An industry that so often overlooked and ultimately under-supported sadly. We at Without A Doubt really do appreciate our art and across many formats. Today we put the spotlight on Remi Abrahams, a close high school friend of mine and an incredible mixed media artist. Continue reading to get to know our spotlight artist:

Your work in 3 words:

Mixed media artist.

Name 3 artists on your mind right now:

Marc Brunet, Mike Mignola and Joe Madureira.

Where’s your studio?

Century City, Cape Town.

Who or what keeps you going?

Being an artist. However there are moment when one just has to break away. In those moments I prefer being in nature and around good people. They inspire me the most.

How did this body of work evolve?

It all started when i was very young. From doodling on my mum’s napkins/tissues to having the opportunity to study 3D animation, which presented many opportunities to work with amazing artists and to work on crazy fun projects. It formed me into the artist I am today. Learning more and more every day.

What’s your favourite work so far in your career?

There are many that I am proud of such as 2 feature films while working for Triggerfish Animation studios to current projects I can’t reveal too much about. But I have some personal projects I am proud of. Too many to choose from but the first one that comes to mind is my recent Tank Girl piece.

First piece of art that moved you? Describe that feeling:

The Pieta sculpture by Michelangelo. It’s a magnificent piece and the subtlety of the emotion speaks louder than words. It removes you from your surroundings and reaches out to you with its beauty and the message behind it. Its awe inspiring.

Tell us something we don’t know?

I hate most of my work haha

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve bought on the internet recently?

Hmmm nothing really weird but I’d say odd – 2 trestle legs for a desk I was making.

What was the last gallery show that you saw?

I can’t remember – I don’t really go to galleries because I don’t identify with most of the art on display. I sometimes feel like the odd one out and sometimes feel an air of pretentiousness.

Who is underrated?

I cant think of anyone haha. It will come back to me somehow.

What is underrated?

The simple things in life.

What shocks you?

The stupidity of some people and how sensitive so many people are these days.

Favourite artist of all time?

Chris Bourassa.

I want to buy you a drink, what do you want?

Double Gin and dry lemon.

What’s the next art in the world?

That’s a tricky one – Motion posters! So like, art prints with motion effects.

Who do you want to collaborate with?

Nike, Puma, Adidas, Converse.

Some musicians even especially Mike Shinoda. But artist-wise i’d say Chris Bourassa.

3 dream diner party guests?

Steven Gerrard, Sandra Bullock, Stephen Colbert.

What’s the one piece of advice you never took?

Let your output exceed your intake. For example – basically put, don’t let laziness overtake productivity.

Music to work to?

Linkin Park, Mike Shinoda, N’To, Overwerk, Alison Wonderland, Worakls.

If you would like to see more of Remi’s work, contact him or just support a South African artist – do check out his social media:

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