Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn

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Denmark has always been a Country of interest to me. There is just so much to love about it. Lego. Random pieces of pastry that were named incorrectly. The people are just freaking awesome and more importantly, their design! Oh god their design. I have always been a lover of beautiful, simple and elegant design. It stands the test of time. When design meets these listed requirements it is an instant catapult into the world of classics.

Danish designed chair by Charles Eames

‘Lego House’ designed by Bjarke Ingels in Buillund, Denmark.

This is where I bring in the 3rd season of the Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn. I have always been a fan of this collaboration and sad that I missed the first season and more specifically the Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Clyde Stitched. It is a thing of beauty! Scandinavian simplicity meets everyday functionality. Having gotten over my initial grief and living with the thought that maybe, just maybe there will be a rerelease I looked at season 2.

Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Clyde Stitched

The Puma x Han Kjøbenhaven Suede Silver Birch. I was lucky to pick these up walking into the Puma Select Store in Cape Town to purchase a pair of sneakers for my wife. These moments are always funny as I am usually capable of arguing why I should also get a pair of kicks at this point in time. But then I heard that season 3 was dropping. Around the time of my Birthday! Timeously we headed on down to the Select Store once again and I was a proud owner of the Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Basket in grey.

Puma x Han Kjøbenhaven Suede Silver Birch

Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Basket in grey

Who is Han Kjøbenhavn? They are a brand of men’s wear based out of Copenhagen, Denmark as I alluded to earlier on. Founded by Jannik Wikkelsø in 2008 and starting off with an eyewear range, eventually expanding into apparel with a few flagship stores dotted around the world. I am most certainly a fan of their simplistic takes on classic silhouettes.

Onwards to season 4!

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