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Who doesn’t love getting a box in the post?
  • At one point my husband was sending online orders to my office address (because finding our house is virtually impossible for most postman!) and these little deliveries would make my day just that much more awesome-tastic. Ripping open the box, finding the goodies within… ☺

  • I recently discovered the latest trend in online shopping – the subscription box service. Although a mouthful to say, this basically translates to a box of themed products are delivered to your door once a month, for a small membership fee of anything between R150 to R600+.

There is something out there for every taste, with local subscription box services offering everything from gourmet food products to wine, lingerie to sweets, even boxes tailored specifically for pets, parenting or those who love design!

A New Way To Discover Products

  • The goodie box trend started in America in 2010 as a way for beauty brands to reach new audiences (providing samples, with the option to buy full-sized products online **hint hint**).

    The concept was also modelled on customer feedback and surveys, which added value to those brands that opted in. So a marketing win-win.

    While South Africans are busy converting to the online shopping culture – with the “Black Friday” hype a few years ago causing sites to crash – the subscription box trend is still an alien concept to most local consumers.

  • Ultimately though, it’s the element of surprise that makes this service so enticing. But will we be quick to adapt?

    “We have learned that online is a more convenient, exciting way to shop. It is also great way to purchase things we wouldn’t normally,” says Tamlyn of Zestly, a South African subscription box that offers gourmet food and snacks.

    With local beauty sample service RubyBox being the better known of the lot, when I did some digging I found to my delight a whole host of these goodie box services offered locally.

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Box of Goodies

For hot-blooded ladies such as myself, Lingerie Letters is a favourite – locally designed, exquisite ladies underwear direct to your door each month. These guys are committed to creating beautiful, high quality ‘intimates’ at affordable prices, with a focus on local design and a story behind each unique piece. Talk about romantic…

Another great one is the Wine of the Month Club, which curates top local wines on your behalf via a panel of independent expert wine judges. Their top selection is then included in the box – a sure way to impress dinner guests!

Appealing to the luxury brand lover in me, I can see how this trend taps into a sense of exclusivity and is also brilliant for cultivating niche interests.
And from a brand point of view, it’s a fantastic opportunity for businesses to reach wider audiences and gain customer feedback for new products.

Christmas every Month

“The whole concept of receiving a ‘gift’ each month is a priceless feeling – from the un-boxing that makes you want to rip it open, to the goodies inside that aim to delight.”
says Zestly’s Tamlyn of the phenomenon.
  • The biggest challenge faced by SA box service brands is poor postal service – so most opt for private courier – but most agree that presentation and an element of surprise are key to the concept.

  • Goodie box services are also a solution to those who don’t have the time to research new products to try – it’s like having your own personal shopper – and for those who want to support local brands.

Affordable, convenient, fun – what’s not to love about this new online shopping trend?

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