What music does to your brain? More like my inner soul.

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Music has always represented a cathartic release in my life. A space and place that I could journey into. There is a song for every emotion that you are going through. Why? Because we are not alone. Whatever challenge in life that we are encountering at that point in time someone else has experienced before, they just had the ability to put it into music. Into words. Notes. Chords. Progressions.

As a lover of the above description I always felt like a bit of a cheat seeing as I have no ability to play an instrument, and air guitar or drumming does not count. I did manage to basically cheat my way through Singstar though, a feat that I am pretty proud of and may or may not have given me a false perception of my abilities. Taking all of this into account and my near impossible belief that anyone is capable of anything, I found myself walking into Mars Music about a month ago to look at guitars. Not a new thing but this time it was accompanied by an injection of invigorated enthusiasm coming off the back of my recent coverage of Up The Creek.

Now if you have you have ever gone shopping for something that you are not quite clued up on – i.e. car shopping, sex toys, cameras and the list could continue – then you would know that the initial glance is so overwhelming that you could end up buying the most ridiculous over the top item without knowing. Basic rule, if it is the centre piece or shiniest then it is most likely the priciest item there. Ahhhh sales! However having said that Tim from Mars Music was a complete professional and did not once attempt to upsell me. He provided me with some excellent advice and out I stepped with a beautiful classic nylon string Tanglewood Manuel Rodriguez. Guitar lessons commenced the following week and since then my fingers have been in pain. Wow. So glad that I went with the classic nylon set up vs the acoustic steel string. Apparently I will callus up shortly. My poor blady office hands. Okay rant over!

Inspired by multiple artists and their accompanying lyrics my journey has started. Be it slowly, it has started. First with the guitar lessons and the Friday that followed I started with my vocal lessons. The guitar lessons are great but it is near impossible to start describing what it is like to begin singing lessons. Especially as someone that has no formal training. Why would I do this to myself you may ask? Well.. Hell! Who doesn’t want to be a musician?! It garners respect, admiration and allows the freedom for artistic expression! Not to mention the sex appeal.. That’s just a side note but yeah, you get the crux of it. Well I chose none of the above. For me, it is just my love for music. The yearning to understand it, what it takes to make beautiful music and maybe to provide me with the platform to express my thoughts. I already write, so now let’s take the next step. And honestly, how could you live your life having never attempted the playing of a musical instrument and call yourself a music lover? Singing.. Now that is a whole other story. It has a level of deeper emotional understanding. You have to let go of your inner fears and just express.

Stick around to follow my journey, for now it is just the start and we will see where this goes. And do you also find yourself a lover of music? If you need any tips on my journey I can point in the correct direction of excellent guitar and vocal coaches.

“only love, only love” – Ben Howard

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