Nike Roshe Run vs. Yeezy Boost 350 Low

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This is probably an overdone topic, a bit like my attempts at braai’ing, but thankfully no one that I know judges me on that ability. However! Sneakers. Now that is a different story. Maybe it is a cultural thing? It is definitely tied to my affair with the hip hop scene. I love my sneakers. Of which the Roshe Run Flyknit is right up there! My poor missus was dragged all over London in search of that specific shoe the Christmas of 2014.

You could just imagine my surprised face when Adidas / Yeezy released the Yeezy Boost Low. Is that not just a Roshe Run? The design is so similar. I even entered an online debate questioning the similarities to which I was given a very ambiguous “I think that the style of a lightweight free form trainer has been the trend across the brands, with creations like the Roshe, the adidas Tubulars, Yeezy boost and other offerings from Puma etc. It’s the trendy design style for the moment” which is true, but how can they be that similar?! Flyknit / Primeknit upper, similar shaped sole, etc etc. Out came Google my best friend. Must.Find.Answers. This is when I stumbled upon this gem of a video:

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