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Photography / Videography is such a love hate relationship there is no doubt about that. In an instant you are able to capture a moment in life, immortalise it and forever enjoy. I still remember the time period in life when compact digital cameras became available to the general public. I also recall when this developed into camera’s found on cellphones. It has reached a point now in evolution whereby modern day smart phones are capable of capturing an image of the same quality as that of the cameras gone by. I look at my little future sister-in-laws Instagram feed and I am shocked at how good these youngins are at capturing these moments in life. Hell I want to print some of these and frame them on my walls at home.

The hate side comes into play when that day arrives and your entry level compact point & shoot just doesn’t cut it anymore. What is the next step? How do I get that “blurry” effect? And this is how I have found myself spending countless hours in Cameraland discussing with their skilled staff on the various products that they stock. My first ever step up camera was a Canon 1000D MK1 with a kit 18 -55mm lens. This was in actual fact a gift for an ex but I think secretly I bought it for myself..

I miss that camera. Not because it was truly incredible, which it was, but due to the fact that it opened my world, my heart and my eyes to the world of photography. About 5 years ago I met my soon to be wife and her family. I initially struggled to get along with her father but one day we discovered our mutual love for photography and the associated tech. This has opened up so many bonding moments that I will forever be grateful to Cameraland and their coffee supply. Oh yes! And coffee but that is left for another day and another post.

A few months ago Cameraland sent out a general invite to their mailing list asking if anybody was keen to jump on the City Sightseeing Red Bus Tour in association with Sigma. My hand shot up! I am pretty sure the speed and ferocity was noticeable from out of space but yes, I was there. All we had to bring was our camera body & test the lenses. It was like a playdate for adult children. I was excited beyond words to the point that we arrived at our meeting point hours before was required. Breakfast was consumed and off we went.

The departure point was across the road from Camerland with us congregating in the coffee bar of the store. The sky was threatening to spit but armed with caffeine confidence we were ready to go!

To start we were introduced to the Mr Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma Corporation who would be joining on this trip. What an honor. Next we were given the brief of the day, T&C’s and on the bus we climbed. It was like I was 5 opening a new lego set instead the year is 2015, I am 31 and latching multiple lenses onto my Canon 5D Mk2. It was heaven because one day you will realise the value in quality lenses. We had so much fun heading out of Town along Hospital Bend off to Groot Constantia via Rhodes Drive where I got my hands onto the Sigma 150 – 600MM F5-6.3 APO DG OS Contemporary Lens for the duration of that stop off. The result being these:

When back on the bus I switched over to the Sigma 150 – 600MM F5-6.3 Sport Lens which was great but what followed was my favourite for the day.

This would be the Sigma 50MM F1.4 EX DG HSM Art for Canon which was absolutely brillant! To quote a friend of mine; “With that lens it makes everyone a professional portrait photographer”.

  • Sigma Day-11
  • Sigma Day-10
  • Sigma Day-12

All in all it was a brilliant day and well done to the team from Cameraland SA for your professionalism and willingness to guide us through the day. Looking forward to the next day out!

The Without A Doubt Team

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