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Ahhh the internet generation! Gone are the “record deals” that were chased endlessly. Upon signing on that dotted line this was usually the first step towards great success. Not guaranteed but the mere first few steps.

With the rapid growth of the internet & websites such

as YouTube artists now have the opportunity to go independent, maintain their unique sound and grow a following thus being the one in control when inking on that all important contract.

Record deals follow the growth in fame, which is a total flip of days gone by.

Ben Howard & Daughter – Black Flies

I’ve always been into music and believe it or not, soppy love jams. It has to have emotion & tell a story. One stormy wintery day about 2.5 years ago (true story) I stumbled upon a Ben Howard live recording on YouTube, I was in awe. Shock. What a voice. Such emotion through his guitar playing. I immediately had to have more. But! Living in the dark hole of the internet called South Africa and with the restrictions on our iTunes stores I trolled YouTube. This is what I listened to on loop for the next few weeks. Shortly thereafter his album was released – Every Kingdom. It became an instant top 10 for me. I had to see him play live.

Come 1.5 years later and a 2nd album from him there was an all important announcement – BEN HOWARD WAS PLAYING LIVE IN SA. Thank you Seed Experiences for one of my most memorable moments.
He was due to tour his latest Album I Forget Where We Were and hopefully a few off his previous album. Logistics aside it eventually happened. The lighting rig was incredible, the atmosphere and just the music. Wow. I look forward to hearing more from this surfer dude from Totnes, Devon.

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Twitter: @benhowardmusic

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