3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House… A Focus on mixed race relationships

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Towards the end of last year Rachel & I were tagged in a Facebook post requesting any mixed race relationships to step up and be interviewed. At first I thought – “This is rather strange.. Who counts colour anymore?”. This was followed by a flood of suppressed memories. Oh yes! I remember this comment, that look and the odd blatant moment. Wow. South Africa is such a young country. How truly integrated are we? Questions that aren’t answered often publically yet acted out on a daily basis in our beautiful lands. So we went ahead with it. At first our blog was not going to be a very personal portrayal but after recent developments get ready for some gonzo / Hunter S. Thompson’esque moments minus the horse tranquilizer narcotics & over the top experiences. Okay fine,  just personal.

On that topic, thank you Cindy Alfino from real life & her blog 3 Kids, 2 Dogs & 1 Old House for the opportunity to start sharing our story!  A story that we did not find that unique at all until this article came out. The feedback has been out of this world. Far and wide the comments, likes and resonations just flowed in. Yes that was an ode to my hippy one love journey. Short but brief.


Full the full article have a read and let us know your thoughts (Read Here).

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