Talking Good Coffee with Blonde&Beard (Q&A)

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Living in the sleepy seaside suburb of Muizenberg, we were thrilled to have a hipster coffee joint open near the beachfront; Blonde&Beard. It’s not often trendy spots with good coffee make it this far South of the Cape.

Here we interview 21-year-old Katy Jane, who opened doors last year June with fiancee Elisha Huemer, (23 years old):

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How did the idea behind starting a coffee shop begin?

The idea of opening our own coffee shop was always a dream of ours. We’ve both always been in the restaurant industry, and opening our own place was something we always knew we would do sometime in the future – thus being we had no idea it would happen so soon. To be honest, we don’t know how it happened, it just did. God works in magical ways.

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What’s the story behind the quirky name?

This is quite a funny story – Elisha and I (Katy) are both extremely stubborn people and we both like to be in control and have things go the way we want them to go. Once the idea of opening our coffee shop became a reality, the first thing we thought about and discussed was the name. We both had numerous ideas but of course we didn’t agree on each other’s ideas.

It was becoming a long and painful process, finally I said to Elisha ‘let’s just forget about a name, something will come up and when it does we’ll both love it instantly’.

This is exactly what happened, we were meeting with one of our suppliers, sitting in a busy coffee shop waiting for her when we realised she had no idea who we are and what we looked like –

I then decided to phone her and told her to look for the girl with the blonde hair and the guy with the beard. We looked at each other and like I said, we both knew, and that is the story behind our quirky name. 
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Do you ever feel extra pressure to stay blonde and bearded?

No, not all – because Elisha would hate to loose his beard, and me, I’m a natural blonde.

You are both passionate about coffee – tell us more about the kind of coffee Blonde&Beard specialises in?

Coffee is most definitely a passion of ours, and is something we have come to love together. We are those coffee snobs who refuse to drink coffee at Mugg & Bean or Wimpy. It’s quite painful actually, as there’s not many places this side who do serve a good coffee.

Blonde&Beard serves Flat Mountain Coffee, at the moment we are serving the Malawian Blend, which is a single origin. It’s a beautifully full flavoured medium bodied coffee, which has a distinct berry flavour.

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We like to change it up a bit and bring in different coffees from different areas – the season and weather play a huge role in this.

Flat Mountain is a fairly new roastery too – but their love and passion for coffee is huge. This is just a little something I found on their website which I thought was quiet special and that we agree with at Blonde&Beard:

“For us, coffee is more than just a cup. It’s a meeting point of community, culture and experience.” 

We love the decor and style – where do you get the inspiration from for the look and feel of the cafe?

Pinterest! Pinterest is a life-saver – haha. It definitely reflects our personalities and style as a couple as well.

Why did you choose to open doors in Muizenberg?

We are both locals in the southern peninsula area, so we wanted to open our doors somewhere between Simon’s Town and Muizenberg. We actually found our little spot on Gumtree, came to check it out and three weeks later signed the lease.

We heard you had a gig on the other day – will you be having more bands play in the future?

Gigs are something we are very open to doing – we used to hold one every Sunday in the summer. So yes definitely this is something we would love to do more of in the future.

What kind of customer do you hope to attract?

At first, we aimed to attract surfers, beach go’ers. But now – a year later we have every type of customer in here. Whether it be the Muizenberg locals, businessman, young adults, surfers, families, or people just popping in for a delicious coffee.

What is it like to run a business together at such a young age? What advice do you have for other startups?

Running and owning a business together at such a young age is damn hard! Haha, I think we were lucky because we’d previously worked together before and knew we worked well together. But owning something together is completely different then just working together. It definitely is a lot of fun and tests our relationship constantly – which we enjoy, we enjoy challenging ourselves.

Be sure to pop in to the Blonde&Beard coffee shop next time you’re in the False Bay area.

Address: 25 Beach Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950

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Phone: 021 788 1569

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