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Johnny Scissors has been my barber for over 2 years which is longer than some of my friendships have lasted. I would like to think of Johnny Scissors as my friend and his personality certainly lends to this idea. I’m pretty sure that over the years he has come to know more about me than some of my friends; he certainly knew that I was proposing to my significant other before most knew!

The reason I started going to Johnny Scissors was due to my missus working at Dunkley Square, Gardens where he is based as well, and it made sense to fill a time gap I had just before meeting her for lunch. The conversation flowed, we had similar bloke interests and before I knew it I was stepping out looking and feeling fresh! But over the years what has kept me going back considering that I work & live in Muizenberg? Was it the talk of sneakers, summer days in Cape Town, Tattoo’s or the nuts and bolts of it – i.e. hair styling?

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To figure this one out I decided to turn the spotlight on Johnny Scissors himself by asking a few questions in order to delve deeper into the person behind the scissors:

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is John Scott, and I’m a hairstylist and Barber based in Cape Town. I work under the name Johnny Scissors which is my personal brand that I work under.

Where are you from and what brought you to South Africa?

I’m from Leeds in the UK and I had initially visited here a couple of times on holiday and fell in love with the place. I then looked into getting work here and when that fell into place I decided to make the move.

Most memorable moment whilst living in SA?

I think probably realizing that I’d started to establish myself in my industry and settle in Cape Town. It’s very hard to leave your own country and move to a new one when you don’t really know anybody. It took a lot of time and hard work to settle and build myself up along with my business. I now feel that I’m starting to achieve that, which is a nice feeling to have.

One of your most striking features are your tattoos – could you tell us about them?

Well it started off with a couple that I got while traveling Thailand after University, just your usual little designs, a bit of tribal etc.. But when I moved to CT I found a great artist called Tyler, who owns Sins of Style – I liked his style so much that I’ve always gone back to him. He did the first piece on my right shoulder of a skull developing into a floral design. My fiancé Katie drew some of the design and he put together the rest. I don’t really tend to think too much about what I’m going to get or if they have a significant meaning because if I think too long then I end up talking myself out of it!

The pieces down my arm vary from a puma on my forearm to a bird on my bicep and a pair of scissors on my tricep. Pretty random really. It’s kind of a disjointed sleeve at the minute but I’ll be joining it all up in the near future.

Could we get your best description of being a sneakerhead?

I’d say that a sneakerhead is someone who sees their sneakers as more than just footwear. They’ll have their pairs that they wear all the time but then will always have a few pairs that they won’t leave the house wearing. Those limited edition Jordan’s or an original pair of Air Max – they’ll treat those like collectors pieces.

What superpower would you have and why?

I’d want to be able to fly.. So I could save on airfares when traveling.. Haha.

Current favourite song?

A current song I couldn’t really say, there’s so many, my favorite song of all time though is ‘Drive’ by Incubus.

If you had to choose your top of the list winter drink what would it be?

Red Wine – A good Merlot is always a winner.

Any words of advice?

My mum always said to me ‘I don’t mind whatever you choose to do, but as long as you go for it’. I’ve always believed that and if you really want something or want to succeed then just put as much effort it as you can. Don’t be afraid of the ups as downs as they are all part of it. And most importantly, Enjoy what you do.

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As the world grows smaller and smaller thanks to advancements in technology & travel, the gap in trends narrows equally. In the past what was considered yesterday’s style in the lanes of London and cutting edge on the streets of Cape Town is now on parr. The resurgence and growth in the barbering culture is one that I am extremely happy with. It fulfills my metro male styling in a modern man kind of way… **Puts down glass of red wine**

For more info, or that all important booking, do hit Johnny Scissors up on the following digits:

079 168 4215 / @Johnny_Scissors / And coming soon:

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