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What we do

Without A Doubt is a Cape Town lifestyle blog providing commentary on youth culture, technology, travel, food, products, sport and style. It’s founders and contributors strive to bring you interesting reads, which are on trend and very much close to who we are.

Journey with us as we discover what we like and dislike in this world that is so vast and exciting.

Who we are

The team is made up a group of young, passionate South African’s that have grown up in the internet generation, have strong interests and an even bigger desire to share these topics for the world to see.
To find out more about each of us do scroll down to our mini bio’s.

Why do we do this

Because we love it. Simple as that. Sharing our gifts with those that are interested.
It is also a pretty cool outlet for our creativity.


Being children of the “Rainbow Nation” we consider ourselves South African as a whole but are based in Cape Town, ZA. Travelling is a big part of us so look forward to articles both locally and internationally based.



Chief Word Nerd

UK born, Cape Town based, Waldorf raised. Media junkie, food obsessed, reborn fitness freak, happily engaged. 2nd generation hippie turned hipster.



Head of Capturing Life

Made in RSA, schooled in the World, proficient in words and capable with tech. Sneaker obsessed!

I’d rather live one day as a lion,
Than live a hundred years as a sheep,
I’d rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,
Live my dream out in reality and not in my sleep…
Lukas Graham